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The income statements expressed above are individual testimonials and not a guarantee of your income. Note that the incomes paid out are in USD only. Commissions summarized in this disclaimer represents potential gross income and does not include costs or expenses incurred by the Independent Licensee/Sponsor in the operation or promotion of their automated home business, which can vary widely and might include promotional expenses, additional training, travel, internet costs, and/or any other promotional expenses.

These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of any actual income or profits. The Independent Licensee/Sponsor’s success will depend on individual diligence, work, effort, skill and external market conditions.

WorkFromHome.VIP, LLC or its subsidiaries does not guarantee any future income due to individual commitment and work ethic which can vary from person to person.

IRS Disclaimer:

Important: You will receive 100% royalty commissions on every program license our system activates on your behalf. All applications will be customized with your name and mailing address to receive license fee payments. Residential, commercial addresses and P.O. Boxes are accepted.

All payments sent to you (The Licensee / Sponsor) are classified as ‘royalties’ per IRS code: 512(a)(1) and will stop after 1 full calendar year. To continue earning commissions, you must renew or upgrade your license tier before your anniversary issue date to maintain royalty payments. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING TAXES FOR EVERY LICENSE FEE YOU GENERATE.

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I understand that I must file my own taxes with the IRS

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Admin Email: admin [at] workfromhome.vip

I understand that my ‘royalty commissions’ will continue at the current tier level once my application & admin fee have been received and processed.

I agree to request a system token / License ID which forfeits a refund.

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Refund Policy:

Because our services utilize software permission-based keys, we do not offer refunds at this time. Once a (token) license key has been created, we are charged service fees from 3rd party entities. Only apply when you are ready to use our services. Thank you for your understanding.


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